Pampering oneself is an art easily mastered on Laguna Niguel property. A leisurely trip to the Relax Body and Mind Spa is just what the doctor ordered when rest and rejuvenation is prescribed. From soothing massage to invigorating facials and skin care, client’s needs are covered from head to toe.

Tensions are eased with the latest varieties of massage techniques offered at the day spa. Swedish massage chases away the worries of the day. A traditional massage with comfortable motions, the Swedish massage is recommended for first timers living in Laguna Niguel. Aromatherapy Massage stimulates the senses. Custom oils and lotions are utilized in the massage heightening the experience.

It's Easy to Relax when Living in Laguna Niguel

Athletes often prefer a deep massage to help work out kinks and sore muscles. An intensive experience, the Deep Tissue Massage assists in healing tension in the muscles and connective tissues. Myotherapy Massage helps with handling pain management. Professional therapists work with clients with a clear goal in mind for pain relief therapy. Shiatsu Massage holds a strong reputation as an alternative medical treatment as well. Deeply rooted in Japanese history this type of massage is praised worldwide for its healing aspects.

Glowing skin is a perk enjoyed by regular clients at the Laguna Niguel property spa. Facials restore the skin’s vitality. Invigorating Vitamin Infused Facials are energetic for the skin and the mind too. The Relax Body and Mind Spa Customized Facial includes an infusion of massage for the hands, feet as well as the face. Microabrasion techniques address and provide solutions for common skin issues such as sun damaged skin, acne and other scars, stretch marks and blackheads. Repeat treatments are encouraged for best results. Individual needs are addressed with each customer before treatments.

The benefits of self care are endless. Massage is proven as a stress reliever and when participated in regularly can increase overall health. Open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. anytime is the perfect time to come in for some comfort and care. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 949.388.9991.