It’s fun to be a kid on San Juan Capistrano property. At ZOOMARS petting zoo day trips are extra special. With a small petting zoo and various activities to keep families busy, happy memories are made as time flies by.

Walk and talk with the animals making this their San Juan Capistrano home. Visitors delight in meeting domestic farm animals and those a bit more exotic. Chickens have much to cluck about in the hen house as they gossip about the resident rooster. Goats gleefully look for handouts. Pigs come in all sizes from the larger than life traditional hog to the itty bitty Guinea Pig that doesn’t look like his namesake at all. Llamas are curious about visitors and welcome them to the barnyard.

Pan for Gold Near San Juan Capistrano Homes

Around the bend at the train station the conductor is calling “all aboard”. Ride the rails as the tiny train heads on down the track. Cowpokes can saddle up and go for a pony ride. Sweet little ponies take young wranglers around the bend. Kids of all ages are given a glimpse of California history at the Miner’s Gulch. On this part of the San Juan Capistrano property the art of panning for gold is recreated. Using a screen as their tool new miners sift through the sand seeking out treasure. Discoveries often include fossils, fools gold and colorful gems and other surprises.

Special events fill the ZOOMARS calendar with many programs focusing on education. Pioneer Town presents a living history experience with children learning all about the Old West. Activities include basket weaving, butter churning, and steer roping. Week long camps help kids get up close and personal with farm animals. These mini zookeepers are exposed to the ins and outs of caring for the critters.

Located at 31791 Los Rios Street ZOOMARS is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on the weekends from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.